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If You’ve Been Feeling Cheated (Wondering Where YOUR Abundance Is)...You Need To Read This Now.

We Really Hope YOU Will Be Able To Reserve One Of These Beautiful Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Pendants With FREE Shipping Today - Before They’re All Taken! Here’s Why... 

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FROM: Ric & Liz  

RE: Limited Time To Reserve Your Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Pendant And Reconnect With Your Etheric “Storehouse of Abundance”

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

We are writing this quickly as we want to make sure you have a chance to get one of these lovely Wheel Of Fortune pendants boxed up and sent to your doorstep with Zero Shipping cost today…

..along with a FREE GIFTS (which we will tell you about in a moment).

But first we want to make sure you understand why this particular symbol is important to YOU specifically during this lifetime…

And how not having a physical connection to it is cheating you of the free-flowing abundance (and yes, even stores of wealth) you should be experiencing on a daily basis, by now!

Just FYI? This is NOT a natural state of being for you. It’s not “normal” for you to have to scrimp and save, worry constantly, and work yourself to death just to get by - no matter what other people may tell you!

Because YOU, especially, are meant to be coming into your full fledged Life of Abundance right about now, and be feeling completely taken care of, sure in your path, and excited about the direction your life is going…

So what’s the deal? 

If you’re supposed to be experiencing all this abundance by now, and not struggling with scarcity every day, why aren’t you “getting it”?

Here’s the thing. 

Time is clicking away on this opportunity for you to claim your pendant and fix this situation, so we are just going to give you the quick “nutshell” version of what the Wheel of Fortune Tarot symbol means and why it’s so important for you to be connected to it at all times…

As well as what it will do for you when you wear it (and why we want to send you one as soon as possible)…

Have You Ever Been Called “Creative”...Or Been Told You Have A Great “Imagination?” 

Listen. I know you tend to be modest by nature. But...
This doesn’t happen for everyone. If it’s happened to you, there’s a REASON. 
It’s because you really were born with the ability to imagine, create, and MANIFEST things in the Etheric World (which nowadays people often don’t even know exists)...
You were born with innate vision and the ability to create “something out of nothing”...a power rooted deep in Cosmic Creation...which our ancestors knew about and were connected to intimately, every day of their lives...
But today, for the most part, has been forgotten.

The Ancient Practitioners In Every Spiritual System Knew About And Believed In The ETHERIC WORLD...

Ok. Here’s how Abundance and the Etheric Realms work. 
The Etheric World is basically the non-physical version of the physical world...
It is considered the fourth, or higher realm to our own…
And everything that happens here, in the physical realms, is reflected there, in the Etheric realms…and everything that exists in the Etheric realms, also has a counterpart here, in the physical realms. 
Here’s what that means when it comes to manifestation and abundance. 
Every time you’ve strongly imagined something that you wish was in your life, from the time you were a small child, to now…
A version of it was actually created in the Etheric World. 
Whether it was something you wanted, like a beautiful place to live, a friend, a lover, more money, less stress, a certain way of looking or living, or even the desire to travel to other places... 
A True Version and Real Possibility of this was manifested in the Etheric World (the mirror version of our own).
This means that...

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Or Imagined For Yourself ALREADY EXISTS In The Etheric World...Just Waiting For You! 

So if you’re wondering, “Ok, so if all my dreams and wishes have already been created, and already exist...why aren’t they in my life NOW?”
There is only one reason for this.
The reason your abundant life (and everything that goes with it) hasn’t manifested in the Physical World yet, as it has in the Etheric World, is that you are not fully aligned with the energy of that world - yet!
If you were, you would be seeing the things you’ve been dreaming of and wishing for so hard, start to show up in your life by now.
Now, the truth is it’s NOT your fault that you’re not aligned with the energy of the Etheric World and everything you’ve created there could you have been, if you haven’t even heard of it before today?
Fortunately, there is a simple and easy way for you to begin aligning your energies, one step at a time, so that you can finally start to see the great abundance and treasures you’ve been manifesting on the Etheric Realms start to show up in your REAL (physical) life today…

Reserve Your Wheel Of Fortune Pendant So You Can FINALLY Start Letting Your 

Abundance Through To THIS World
(*FREE Shipping When You Order Today!)
Revered as a sacred symbol representing change and fortune for nearly 1000 years, the traditional Wheel Of Fortune Tarot is now immortalized for your personal use in this beautiful necklace...
“So… Okay,” you may be wondering… “Sounds beautiful, but if these pendants are so special, why aren’t they super expensive?” 
Here’s Why We’re Giving You The Opportunity To Own One Of These Pendants At An Incredibly Low Price Today.

Wearing This Pendant Opens The Heart And Soul To The Etheric Energies...So You Can Always Be Aligned And Abundant!

The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card traditionally means that change is
in the air, and fortunes are about to shift.
Life is continually changing, even when we don’t think it is. The weather changes day to day, the earth moves in position to the sun every second of the day and the moon waxes and wanes each month. Everything is continually moving...
Therefore the Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card is aligned to nature, and when we draw this card it can indicate a change of fortune for us - especially if we are focused on the change we want to see in our lives.
It also represents the idea of Fortune and Time as being an ever-turning wheel, thus “as above, so below” is fully embodied energetically in this particular image..
This is why... 

We Have Arranged For A Certain Number Of These Wheel Of Fortune Pendants To Be Given Away For Under $20, To Those Who Ask

We want to send you one of these beautiful pendants for the incredibly low price of $15.99 today (Including FREE Shipping!)
But please don’t wait till tomorrow to decide. We don’t know how long this one stockpile of these special necklaces will last, so...
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In addition to your beautiful necklace, we will also include two FREE GIFTS if you can reserve yours today: 

BONUS GIFT #1: Your Money Magick Wheel Of Fortune Ritual Meditation
Put on your headphones and instantly feel your body relax and your mind begin to tune in to your connection with the Wheel of Fortune Tarot and the Abundance you have stored in the Etheric Realms! Professionally recorded for you by Alamay, our channeler and guide, to use in conjunction with your Wheel of Fortune Pendant. 
BONUS GIFT #2: Free 7 Day Test Drive Of The Cosmic Energy Banks
Take a free test drive of the Cosmic Energy Banks! Did you know there is a place online where professional Reiki Masters have stored energy for you to tap into on demand? There are a total of 9 energy banks that you can use any time, day or night, to get centered and get a real energy boost for 9 different purposes…
Your membership includes two new energy banks that were just installed:
Tarot Energy For Money & Tarot Energy For Success! This will be the perfect way for you to take your new connection to the Wheel of Fortune Tarot and enhance it with a 24/7 source of strength and centered energy. Your free test drive is included, simply try out the Energy Banks and only keep them if you like their benefits! ($19.97 per month if you decide to stay; cancel anytime). 

YES! Please Send Me My Wheel Of Fortune Pendant AND My Free Gifts NOW!

$15.99 only Includes Wheel of Fortune Tarot Pendant, Free Gift Meditation, and 7-day Free Trial to The Cosmic Energy Banks (to continue at $19.97/mo, easily cancel anytime). 
We want everyone who needs to reconnect to their Abundance that has been stored in the Etheric World to be able to easily and affordably have access to this extremely powerful symbol of change and good fortune in their lives…
So, that’s why we found a way to bring this package to you today, at an incredibly low price for everything (plus FREE shipping). It’s pretty much the easiest decision you’ll probably make today! ;-)

Liz & Ric Thompson

Co-Creators of and

Thank you!!! We can’t wait to see you experience the comforting benefits of being in touch with your divine guides as you navigate the year ahead, using your new Personal Prosperity Report as your “map” to true abundance and happiness!
They have all worked wonders for us, even in these challenging times. Love,

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